The wisdom of a lot of people helped contribute to this so I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge those who helped along the way

Mom and Dad - Without whom I would not have been possible, who both gave me a lot of wisdom about sexuality
Justin - For all his knowledge on all things LGBTQ and his sensitivity. And putting up with me.
Guy Baldwin - A profound influence and positive force in my life
The 12012 crew (Lolita, Woody, Elizabeth, Raven, Stephanie, Andrea, et al.) - For more than I can name
Danielle and BR - For putting together the phenominal dungeon 101 that this is heavily based on
Pusscat - FF E4 and overall commentary
The Crucible Staff (Frazier, Mike, Sarah, DJ, et al.) - For all the D101 and big event feedback and work
Kathryn, Boymeat, BLP - Letting me present this at FetFest 2013 and treating me right