I'm involved in the DC BDSM scene through my home club Black Rose. One of the outreach programs BR has is called Dungeon 101 which takes place (roughly) the first Friday of every month at The Crucible in DC. The purpose of Dungeon 101 is to give folks who are curious about BDSM a safe environment for an introduction. It is specifically not a dimly lit leather bar in the meat packing distrct. Generally I think this is a good idea because those who find out they aren't into BDSM and only make this one visit have a lesser chance of leaving with a negative view and poisioning others.

One of the things I do at D101 is give (with a partner) the ~20m introductory speach on club rules, general safety tips and etiquette. This outline and talk was born out of that experience. This talk was written for and first presented at FetFest 2013 to good reception. Which gives me some evidence that other people may want it. I'm also sensitive to the fact that I'm another male/het/top who is here telling you how things are. That's one reason why I've licensed the class the way I have.


I chose the creative commons license because I wanted people to have the opportunity to use the material however they might like. In essence: take what you want and leave what you don't. What you do take please attribute back to me by name and via a link.